“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
― Maya Angelou

From the office of Ryan Rizor:


Master if influence..

Hard working obsessive who’s on a mission..

(good guy who probably cares more about your success than you do).


Ryan Rizor here – nice to meet you too. If you’re surfing this website chances are you’ve heard about me and FOCUS. If not –  no biggie. I hope you’ll stay long enough not only to look, but to learn. If you’re a parent, then congratulations. You’re taking the right step and doing your due diligence. As a parent myself, I can assure you I want to know who my kids are holding company with.

After all, you’re here reading this for your best self interest. Not mine. And that’s OK.

To be honest I don’t know the exact reason you’re visiting my website. If I had to guess I’d say you’re either a sport coach, parent, or competitive athlete looking for that one program that will answer all your prayers. I don’t claim to work miracles but I do guarantee I’ll find ways to squeeze every ounce of athleticism out of you and your program.

In over 14 years of working with athletes, I’ve been very lucky and fortunate to train at the Olympics, Division I, II, III teams, health care systems, and consult over 30 high schools. This site will provide you access to training programs that increase sports performance, give you clarity on ‘what to do’, and give you direction on how to help your athletes. I’ve worked to make this the place where athletes, parents, sport coaches and trainers trust for detailed information as it pertains to the development of our athletes.

Chances are…

Chances are somewhere along the way you’ve been told to get bigger, get stronger, get quicker feet, learn how to run, be more aggressive, or whatever every single coach subjectively tells an athlete they need to be more competitive.

Or maybe you’ve seen the size and skills of the kids playing at the next age level.. and it’s a bit scary.

You’ve seen what a starter looks like, plays like, and acts like and you’re not quite there yet.

Or better yet you’ve been told you have the potential to really do something if you could just ____________ more, better, consistently, easier, etc….

If any of this describes you then we’re on the same page. I can tell you FOCUS is known for finding an extracting everything an athlete has to offer, regardless of how big the offering. We ‘specialize’ in taking 5’s and 6’s and making them 8’s and 9’s. Not being handed 10’s and making them 11’s, and claiming we’re the reason they’re attending college on an athletic scholarship.

No Doubt…

No doubt there are lots of choices for performance training in the Greater Pittsburgh Area. What’s out there, and what’s believed to be correct, isn’t the best representation of what can be offered to players and coaches, nor does it accurately represent the opportunities that exist.

My goal is to help walk you through the clutter, teach, and make the best possible decision for your specific situation.

Look at the detailed metrics we establish for our Player Development Programs. Nobody else does it like this.. just ask around.

See how base strength, speed, and conditioning programs establish the fundamentals for future growth.

When it’s time to make a decision on what program you want to join, ask yourself this:

“If I gave you $10,000 to invest (not spend) on your kid’s development… What would you do? Use a company that plays on your emotions of faster sprint times and win this weekend mentality? Or a program that looks longer term, covers all the basis, and sets a plan of action? Do you want a trend or a future?”

Follow These…

  • Search the site, read, watch the videos, get a feel for what we do.
  • If we haven’t already talked over the phone or in person you’ll first need to make direct contact. You can either call the facility at 724-747-6229 or via email using the CONTACT page. Initial contact is very important because not all athletes get accepted. We want to make sure this is for you.
  • Set a date and time for your Strategy Session. This serves as your first exposure to our facility and meeting in person. We will break down expectations, do a facility tour, and address any questions you have. You’ll be put through a Functional Anatomy Assessment and Physical Performance Tests.
  • After you’ve completed and paid for you Strategy Session, you need to be accepted. Most times you’ll be made aware if we feel you’re a fit at the end of your Strategy Session.
  • This is also the time where you accept a roster spot. I completely understand this may be something you’ll need to discuss, but we ask that you make us aware of your decision 48 hours after your Strategy Session.
  • Click the ‘PRICES’ page. All program options, price breakdowns, and payment options are there.
  • Find your program and click the button. You’ll be taken to our online store for payment and scheduling.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts. It’s super easy.. seriously.
  • ***Please note some programs listed as ongoing  programs are set up as monthly reoccurring payment plans. Your credit card will be debited each month unless you cancel your membership.**For ongoing programs payments will be taken on a monthly basis until cancelled. To cancel, you must notify FOCUS via email (support@focushpp.com) at least seven (7) days before the next billing cycle. Feel free to call (724) 747-6229 for more details. By clicking the ‘Create Account’ button you agree to an understanding of the payment process.
  • All sessions are booked using the online system, the same place you just purchased your program. You can get back there by clicking one of the Basic Quick Links at the bottom of the website, or bookmark the address: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/ASP/home.asp?studioid=39780
  • Click the ‘Schedule’ tab at the top right
  • Competitive Athletes are athletes training to raise the level of their sports performance.
  • Adult Fitness Classes are geared specifically for adults who want radical changes in fitness and fat loss.
  • Open Gym sessions are open to both Competitive Athletes and Adult Fitness.
  • Find the days, times, and corresponding sessions you want to attend.
  • When you’re ready click ‘Sign Up Now’
  • You can book or cancel a session up until the start time. If you booked a session, but can’t attend and forgot to cancel, notify me ASAP with the session you needed to cancel and a reason why. If you fail to cancel a session correctly, it will still be deducted from your program.

Who is this guy anyway?

Personal bios and stories about yourself are never easy. So much to say and so many ways to say it. If I write conversational then I’m unprofessional. If I stick to scientific academia then I’m stuffy and boring. My goal is to marry the two – write like I talk while showing I have a brain in my head.

Maybe it matters.. maybe it doesn’t but at some point you’re going to ask who I am and what I’ve done. Bare with me, I’m going to take you on a quick journey that will explain exactly why it’s a good idea to listen to what I have to say. One thing I can state without hesitation is that I am one of a select few that has experience coaching at all levels of performance enhancement: high school, collegiate, amateur, professional, and Olympic.

Plus, I’m a real person.


High School Graduation

West Greene High School, home of the Pioneers. Single A athletics, 86 students in my graduating class, 50 minute one way bus ride. Never hear of it? Grew up on 230 acre farm. Before you go cracking jokes – just know that this is home for me and always will be. I’ve learned more life lessons on this property than any other real estate. Grew up a wrestler and played football in 11th and 12th grade. Should have continued wrestling in college but had this crazy idea that football was for me. .


Slippery Rock University

Honors graduate with a degree in Exercise Science from Slippery Rock University. SRU is known nationally for it’s Exercise Science program and I’m lucky enough to be on the Advisory Board for the major. Played football and was exposed to a lot of success (worked my tail off for four seasons- had to because it was the only way I saw the field). I was a true nerd when it came to academics. College is where I really came into my own and realized the true power of learning.


Olympic Training Center

What an experience! Working as a strength coach at the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, New York opened my eyes to complete athlete development. Walk down the hallway and you’re in world renown exercise physiology lab. Up the ramp to a gymnasium the size of four basketball courts. Step into the weight room and see junior nation teams in action. Walk back to the living quarters and pass a couple current gold medalists. This is where I got a full taste of physical competition at the world level. I was able to learn and understand how to piece together training programs that accounted for everything (strength, conditioning, sleep, nutrition, metal focus, etc).


NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist


Started Speaking Engagements

Sports teams, high schools, athletic organizations, business.. Over 30 and counting.


University of Pittsburgh

My first walk on the dark side. OK I’ll admit, coming from the Olympics I thought I knew it all.. only to be humbled the first day in the Pitt weight room. I was welcomed to: “Your the olympic guy right? Let’s get one thing straight – that S%$! doesn’t mean anything in here.” I spent time with Pitt football learning other methods of sport performance. While some are just now realizing the power of chains, bands, dynamic, repetition,and max effort methods, I’ve been muscle deep since 2001. These methods created a whole new respect and still drive my approach to training. As an Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach for four sports (men’s soccer, women’s soccer, gymnastics, tennis) my job hinged on making my athletes better. My sole purpose was to design and coach programs for athletes – nothing else.


NFL Combine Prep Camp

Assisted with a NFL pre combine preparation camp for offensive lineman. Coordinated on-field training, weight room lifts, nutrition, and player placement accommodations.


Published Author

NSCA Strength & Conditioning Journal. Teaching the Hang Clean and Overcoming Common Obstacles. V24. Num.3. 6/02


Flex Band Certified



As the Director of Sports Performance for UPMC I was exposed to the medical side of athletics. I could literally walk down the hall and talk with an orthopedic surgeon, go downstairs and meet with a nutritionists, step into the lab for research, or get some physical therapy treatment. This is where I met a lot of professionals who serve on my advisory team. With the UPMC reputation doors opened and I met with many high school administrators. I got a taste of offering programs as a business rather than being paid to coach.


FOCUS Human Performance Programs, LLC

My goal was to be a business owner at the age of 25 (missed it by 1 year). I had tons of training experience and liked the idea earning income doing what I was born to do – develop athletes. I had an idea of designing an athlete development program, the way I wanted, and offer the service to high school athletes in the greater Pittsburgh area. It wasn’t until the summer until 2004 when I decided to turn my intentions into actions. FOCUS Human Performance Programs, LLC was born and I’ve never looked back.


Post Gazette Feature Article

'Sports-specific training starts to catch on here' Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Inside The League Interview

'RIZ-ING POWER: New combine prep program ahead in Pittsburgh' September 16, 2004


1st On-Sight Paid Contract

First time acting as a paid consultant. Implemented strength and speed training at Allegheny Clarion High School.


WTAE Healthy For Life Fit Bit Feature


Guest Professor, Slippery Rock University Minor Curriculum


Fulfilling Childhood Hobby


Married my Beautiful Wife Kelly


1st Child Born: Chase Lawrence Rizor


Opened FOCUS Human Performance Training Facility

After years of utilizing various locations and offering programs on-sight, we opened the doors to our own controlled training environment. This location services our most dedicated athletes who travel to us.


CPPS Level 1 & Level 2 Certified


Teaching Advanced Program Design at DeFranco's Gym


Created Strength & Conditioning Consultants (SCC)