Heart rate monitoring gives us a quick, cheap, and accurate idea of how our bodies are responding to not only to training but everyday life. It’s very important to consider both because the body doesn’t differentiate between different kinds of stress. Allostatic Load is the cumulative total of all the stuff in your life that

The Standard is Your Responsibility

During my quick nine minute commute to the gym this morning I was listening to Howard Stern (yes, that Howard Stern.. I know when to change the channel). Howard and Robin where interviewing an actor and asked him if he was upset that no-talent morons are the biggest stars in Hollywood. Think people like Kim
If you’re talking to sport coaches and parents, you gotta be able to communicate what speed is, and what it’s not. Check out this video where I talk about using a very simple but different exercise variation for speedy hamstrings. Here’s a quick list why sport coaches will love it: 1. Requires little equipment 2. Can
I don’t think I’ve ever struggled coming up with a blog post title as I did for this post… thank goodness there is a picture to help. Seems like there’s 10 different descriptions or names for what I call the Single Leg Bench Squat. Here’s some you may or may not have heard before: RFESS