Speed, Strength & Power Programs


If I had it may way, I would clone myself a gazillion times, boost my brainpower 1000%, and put a full time strength, speed & conditioning coach in every high school and elementary school across the US. I would design the biggest weight rooms with 20 power racks and 20 platforms. We’d have pull up bars hanging from the ceiling and medicine balls as far as the eye could see. Connected to the weight room would be a full 100 yd indoor turf field plus a multi-use floor for court sports.

There would be tons and tons of nutritious food free for the taking…

We would have developmental programs…

Clear guidelines for starting spots…

Sport coaches would take responsibility for the physical performance of their athletes…

Recruiting would be spelled out step-by-step…

Everyone, from the parents, coaches, athletes, administrators to the medical staff, athletic trainers, teachers, boosters and alumni would come together through open communication…


Knowing every high school doesn’t have the best facilities (let alone structured developmental programs or open lines communication) I’ve created a training facility with programs that serve as an extension of your school and sports team.

Our base level strength, speed and conditioning programs comprise of training sessions offered 12 months of the year. Athletes have the opportunity to supplement what their school or organization offers. Just like our Player Development Program, we take the necessary steps to learn the athlete, what they have to offer, where they’re falling short, and what we can accomplish by working together.


Just to be up front and honest, none of our training programs are designed to ‘catch all’ catering to everybody. We are only looking for serious athletes who, with our help, can identify where they want to go with sports. In the sales world, people who show interest but don’t take action are called tire kickers. Here we call them drop off pick ups.

FOCUS is not a ‘drop-off pick-up’ facility or program. Don’t treat it like one.

We need a designated support structure from day 1. If you’re considering ‘sending’ your kid somewhere for training, don’t ‘send’ them here. All our athletes are willing to put forth the expected effort each and every day. The ability level is really the least of our concern. We’re concerned with what you’re willing to do in order to enhance your potential.

Yes, these programs do cost money. They require your investment in time, money, and trust. Our athletes get great grades, have many other non-sports related activities, and have a social life. Those who have a hard time justifying the price either:

A. Haven’t taken the time to educate themselves what we really do and lump FOCUS together with all the other speed and agility programs (harsh.. but true).

B. Aren’t willing to put some of their non-essential spending in check. Material possessions take precedence over instilling intangible qualities in their kid’s development (very harsh, very true).


Ironically enough, when we survey our athletes and parents, increased confidence ranks #1 as the biggest benefit training with FOCUS. Athletes come through the door, nervous, excited, and with some spite in their belly. They’re upset with what’s missing in their school program, current level of play, or some other motivator. When they leave for the season, athletes are pumped to take their new found confidence and physical prowess and put it to the test.


We break down our base strength, speed, and conditioning programs by age appropriateness, interest, and commitment. We know no two athletes progress at the same rate, or in the same manner. Training athletes has to be looked at as a longer term progress where specific targets need to be met in order to ‘graduate’ to the next level. Take a look at the different programs and see where you fit.

7th Grade & Younger

Many people ask when is the right age to start training. The answer is dependent on the physical and emotional maturity of the athlete, with greater emphasis placed on emotional development.

If you child can speak up, have alert eyes and body language, and process coaching instruction chances are they are ready for some guided programming. The idea here is to connect the dots on what training can do for their body first, sports and performance second.

The Future Freak Bodyweight Program is designed for youth athletes 7th grade and below. Fundamentals 101 for kids looking to kick start their athletic career by establishing sound movement skills and body awareness using their own bodyweight.

8th & 9th Graders

Without a doubt Varsity Jump Start is our most popular strength, speed, and conditioning program. It is designed to physically and mentally prepare athletes for the demands of varsity athletics.

Sports coaches absolutely love athletes that come out of this program because they are so much further advanced, understand what's expected, and easier to coach. These athletes actually get the coach's attention rather than being moved to another group because they're too young and weak.

Faster. More athletic. Explosive. Stronger. Confident. Athletes learn training etiquette, age and ability appropriate strength training, and step by step techniques for speed and quickness.

10th Thru 12th Grade

By the time an athlete hits 10th grade they should have an idea what they want out of playing sports. There's no right or wrong answer, but it's best to have one.

Here & Now means athletes are looking to make a statement, right here and right now. Make the team. Get off the bench. All conference. Attract college attention. Make it happen.

Since more high schools are attempting to offer training at the school, it's very important to note it's never our goal to pull kids away from the school. We will take the necessary steps to learn the school's program and coach's philosophy. Since our facility is a controlled environment with less athletes per session, we can give attention to areas of improvements coaches simply don't have the time or manpower to address.

Graduating Seniors & Current College Athletes

The College Prep Program is a seasonal program for high school seniors going on to play in college and current college athletes. We see these athletes during winter break for the holidays and all summer.

The first thing we do when we know an athlete is playing in college is get their head coach, positional coach, and/or strength coach on the phone. I want them to know this is 'their' athlete and everything we do will complement their program.

Most college programs that get sent home to incoming freshman leave a lot to be desired. Even if we totally disagree with their approach or physical tests, we still have to prepare the athlete to perform that way they want.

At this point in the athlete's career we know what they're good at and where emphasis needs placed. The College Prep Program closely resembles our Player Development Program depending how involved we can get the college coaches.

Program Features

  • Accommodating Pricing Options
  • Strategy Sessions
  • Build Type & Athletic Performance Testing
  • Annual Planning Chart
  • 4th Place Time Management Plan
  • Access to Advisory Team Members

Program Acceptance Criteria

  • Parent or Guardian Support
  • Compliance to Program Design
  • Academic Compliance
  • Full Disclosure of All Activities
  • **Not all athletes are accepted. There are limited roster spots.**


For complete step-by-step details how to join our Speed, Strength & Power Programs send us your information by clicking the button below.

You will be contacted within 48 hours to discuss your specific situation and how to get started. We will walk you through the entire process answering any questions and provide all information.